Rules & Regulations:

School Rules & Regulations :

  1. Punctuality : Students must attend morning assembly at 8:15a.m. They should be in class 15 min before the assembly starts.
  2. Attendance : 85% attendance is required for promotion for next class.
  3. Uniform : Clean & Ironed Uniform with badge, belt and shoes should be worn to school every day.
  4. Students should maintain their personal hygiene. Boys hair should be cut appropriately and combed.
  5. No jewellery is allowed to school.
  6. Girl's hair must be braided into two plaits and tied up with ribbons.
  7. No makeup is permitted.
  8. Doctors certificate must be produced for long absence due to illness.
  9. Electronic gadgets and/or goods are not permitted and will be confiscated.
  10. Students are not permitted to collect money from others for any reason whatsoever.
  11. Students must speak only in English with teacher and other students.

Academic Work :

  1. All text books and notebooks must be purchased at the beginning of the academic year and must be maintained neatly throughout the year.
  2. Books must be covered with brown paper or transparent plastic paper & labelled.
  3. Class work note books must be completed and submitted for correction.
  4. Parents must supervise home work especially reading, learning spellings, formulas, tables etc.
  5. All classroom teaching and campus activites will be done in English only.
  6. Complete & through preparations for test & exams are expected of each and every student
  7. Home work must be checked daily at home & completed.

Discipline & Behaviour :

  1. All students are expected to be polite and courteous to teachers both inside and off the campus.
  2. All staff members including non-teaching staff must be greeted appropriately, cheerfully & courteously.
  3. Students must maintain silence when the bell rings for class.
  4. Students must stand and wish any teacher who enters their class.
  5. No student may indulge in verbal or physical abuse towards any teaching, non-teaching staff or other students.
  6. Bullying & teasing of any kind will result in dismissal of the student if found guilty.
  7. Students must speak only in English, since it is the language of higher education.
  8. Use of bad language, back answering, disobedience, teasing girls, fighting, stealing, damaging school property, cheating will result in suspension/fine/dismissal.
  9. Students should not bring photos, magazines, fire crackers, matches, toys & other dangerous to school. Items will be confiscated and student will be dismissed.
  10. The school reserves the right to suspend or expel any student whose conduct is considered harmful to other students or to the reputation of the school.

School Motto:
Knowledge to Truth'

ISO 9001:2008 Certified School

Certified by
JAS-ANZ & Quest International