Chairperson's Message

The central motive of Vikas is to nurture each individuals talent not only in obtaining top grades but also in truly acquiring knowledge that will make them leaders and doers of the future.

Co-curricular & extracurricular activities are given equal importance since life skills can be developed by such activities.

We focus on the individual, inspiring each student to seek knowledge, teaching students to think intensively, creatively, and critically, building students of exemplary character is our goal.

We recognise that the student is a person requiring tender loving care to develop emotionally as well as intellectually. That is why we are strongly committed to fostering and nourishing the spirit of knowledge in each student.

To sum up the uniqueness of the school, we can say that Vikasians are a breed apart- smart, intelligent, tough and feisty- always ready to take on the world!

Founder & Chairman

For us every child is a challenge and every day is an adventure in learning

ISO 9001:2008 Certified School

Certified by
JAS-ANZ & Quest International